Your Earwig Questions, Answered

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Now, to answer your question, we’ll start off talking about the mating habits of the earwig. To make baby earwigs, the male grabs and holds onto the female and they, literally, bump uglies. The eggs may not fertilize immediately (the sperm can hang around for several months before fertilizing the eggs), but ultimately they will.

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If earwigs have infested your home, call an exterminator to find the source of the infestation and get rid of them effectively.. infrared saunas: Your Questions Answered.

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ANSWER: . Same as for roaches. Use boric acid powder and dust the baseboards and cracks and under appliances. If an earwig or roach walks through it, it kills them..

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But chances are you are seeing the European earwig. Any general insecticides will kill them but you need to address the source. Moist / humid areas with organic matter will be where they are at. When the weather is warm you can make outside earwig traps by laying wet news paper / soggy cardboard around the exterior of the home and in your gardens.

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