Women in Pest Control

Women in Pest Control by Jim Dunn of PEST UK: I was slightly taken aback when I found out that my new work colleague Mel was actually a woman, not a man, as it got me thinking that we are in fact a very male dominated profession.

Company’s Survey Sheds Light on Women in pest control. insight pest solutions, Morrisville, N.C., surveyed female technicians, small business owners, customer service managers and others to learn about challenges and opportunities in this traditionally male-dominated field.

Professional Women in Pest Management (PWIPM) is an affiliate group of NPMA whose mission is to attract, develop and support women in the pest management industry through educational programs, resources and peer networking.

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"Solving customers’ pest issues is a real ‘thinking game,’ and women have a special brand of intelligence along with nurturing talents that help them to be highly successful in this business," Kristin says. "The trend of women working in the pest control industry will definitely continue.

Women in Pest Control. Let’s face it.most little girls don’t imagine themselves growing up to work with insects. Even fewer would imagine themselves working in the professional pest management industry.

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Women In Pest Control Rachel Alexander (Episode 81A) Are there Orkin Women (Employees)? The Orkin Man answers your questions. Pest problems? Call today for help with your infestations. Call:. For over 100 years, we have taken pest control seriously, and have millions of satisfied customers to prove it. We use the latest science and technology.

Pest Control, Naturally, gets a "Thumbs Up" from Most Women. Insects can be real pests and most women are ready for the fight. Insects can be real pests and most women are ready for the fight.

“Pest control professionals play a key role in today’s society. “While the tireless work these men and women perform.

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