Within Seconds of Jumping on a Dog, Cat or Human, a Flea will Begin Feeding

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During feeding, female fleas excrete large quantities of incompletely digested blood ("flea dirt") in long tubular coils or fine pellets. (2) The first of multiple matings occurs on the host within 8 to 24 hours.

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In that four feet, a flea will land on your pet and within thirty seconds will take its first blood meal. Within twenty-four hours, a flea will begin to lay eggs. Fleas DO NOT leave their host once they’ve found a home. They will stay on the dog they choose until the bitter end, and fleas can live up to 3 months.

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Home / Fleas: the basics. Fleas: the basics. Fleas aren’t just your dog’s worst nightmare; they can be yours, too.. Fleas lay eggs within 24 hours after feeding. flea eggs are not sticky, so they fall off the pet and scatter like BBs.. they do not jump from pet to pet or pet to human. A single adult female flea can lay up to 1200.

Fleas can jump 80 times their own height and 150 times their own length. They can also jump 30,000 times in a row without stopping. A flea can remain in its cocoon, or casing, for up to 6 months while it waits for something to touch it. As soon as something touches it, it will hatch.

A flea can jump more than 100 times its length (vertically up to 7 inches and horizontally 13 inches). That’s equivalent to an adult human jumping 250 feet vertically and 450 feet horizontally. Rarely do fleas jump from dog to dog. Most flea infestations come from newly developed fleas from the pet’s environment.

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There are two different species of fleas that can infest pets, but even though one type is called a "dog flea", and one is called a "cat flea" you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart without using a microscope. The most common flea that is found on both dogs and cats is the cat flea. Do adult fleas jump on and off of animals? No.