Why Is This City Considered The Scorpion Sting Capital?

"There is a reason I’m called Scorpion. It is because my punches are as lethal as the scorpion’s sting. It does not matter that he is the champion.

Scorpion stings are painful but rarely life-threatening. Young children, and sometimes the very old, are most at risk of serious complications. In the United States, the bark scorpion, found mainly in the desert Southwest, is the only scorpion species with venom potent enough to cause severe symptoms.

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So, as you can see, there is a reason why Phoenix is called the scorpion sting capital of the country-with 45 species and one in particular, the Arizona Bark Scorpion, whose sting can actually kill you if left untreated.

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Read the rest of Why is Phoenix Considered the Scorpion Sting Capital? 5 Things You Need to Do When You Get Stung by a Scorpion Scorpions belong to the Arachnida class, and they are related to spiders, mites, and ticks.

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