Why Do Moths Eat Clothing? And Other Moth Questions, Answered

Frequently Asked Questions. What do caterpillars and moths eat?. Which moths are endemic to (only found in) the Pacific Northwest?. the silk moth ( Bombyx mori), covers its pupa with the silk that people use to make clothing.. Other moth species have caterpillars that can feed and survive on only one. About Moths.

Danni: I’m gonna go put some clothes. To answer your original question, which was, if I think I’m a moth, why am I in a dentist’s office? The answer is, Because the light was on!" The light! The.

We are talking about the dreaded clothes moth, Tineola bisselliella, the. The moths themselves do not eat anything; their only role is to mate, go to the other temperature extreme, ironing your clothing with moth.. Editorials · Letters · Columnists · An Irishman's Diary · Opinion & Analysis · Martyn Turner.

The Clothing Moth (Tineola bisselliella) is a winged insect capable. not only from clothing but also from many other sources.. Contrary to what most people believe, adult clothing moths do not eat or cause any.

How does a caterpillar turn into a moth or butterfly? 11. How long do. How do butterflies and moths eat? And do moths eat our clothing? 16. Do Wooly Bear. 19. Are there other sources of information (FAQs) about butterflies and moths?

Tineola bisselliella, the clothes moth, can cause extreme damage to fabrics, furniture, books and fur. Most people know that moths can destroy clothes, but they are not just eating through the cloth to get to something else. So, what do moths eat exactly? The short answer is keratin. But we’ll get to that.

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Best Answer: They eat clothes because it’s their food. Moths usually attack natural fibers, wool being the most common food for them. It’s what they live on. They need the protein that animal hairs provide, and wool is the hair of sheep. Dogs can also bring moth eggs into a house, some moths.

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Best Answer: I’m sure it depends on the kind of moth, but the caterpillars eat various kinds of leaves and some fibers. Wikipedia says that as adults, some moths don’t eat at all.

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