Why Bugs Love Inhabiting Basements

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What are these tiny flying ants in our basement? Question: We have some kind of tiny flying ants in our basement. Twice we have found a bunch of wings on the floor and little black-looking ants on. the floor. It’s mostly wings all over the floor. What is this? We live. in Calvert County, Md. Can they be some kind of (Florida) love bug?

The vast majority of the bugs in your basement go about their short little lives without you noticing. I think we’d all like to keep it that way. There’s a circle of life down there. One little home bug hunts and eats another home bug and, although it’s as fascinating as any nature documentary, it’s not something you need to concern yourself with.

Contact us today for an effective House bug identification process.. roaches are known to inhabit moist areas, but can survive in dry areas if they have access to water.. In residential areas cockroaches live in basements and sewers, and may. Anything they can find; Sweet and starchy foods; Non-organic items like.

Bugs in Your House: Why Insects Like Living Rooms and Basements Most. By Kristin Hugo On 11/11/17 at 8:20 AM EST.. Carpets keep insects snug as a bug in a rug. Dust mites especially love them.

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Carpeted rooms host a wider array of insects, like this carpet beetle larva.. spiders, which thrive in cluttered areas of basements and crawlspaces).. these species are actually living in everyone's homes," said team member.

Sow Bugs. They serve a useful purpose in our gardens where they generate compost and loosen up the soil. If it is dry outside, they may invade a damp basement in surprising numbers, although they are not serious household pests. Getting rid of them can be a challenge. Your best defence is eliminating the damp and moisture that they love.

Hunting Spiders in My Basement!   Part 3 Basement bugs are one of the most common problems in terms of pest control in Niagara. Truly Nolen explains why these crawlers love basements.

Do you have bugs living in your basement? Of course you do, it’s the perfect environment for the little creatures..damp, dark, and lightly inhabited. While bugs are harmless, they do have a certain creep factor, especially when you turn on the lights and notice little things scurrying for cover.

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