Which Pesky Animal is in Your Chimney?

In order to make sure that those charming, but oh-so-pesky, critters don’t reside in your chimney, you must have a properly-fitted chimney cap. Midtown chimney sweeps performs this service ( selling and installing chimney caps) in addition to sweeping your chimney after the animal has been removed.

Chimney Problems: Animal in the Chimney. Many homeowners call us in the spring and complain of what they believe are "birds" in their chimney. These callers are shocked to find that those "birds" are actually baby raccoons! Yes, mama raccoons use your chimney as a den and have their litters in there each year.

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Dead Animal in Chimney: What Homeowners Need to Know. How do you dispose of a dead animal? And, most of all, how do you get rid of the "dead animal in chimney" smell? First, let’s take a look at how they get there in the first place. How Animals Get in Chimneys. It’s not uncommon for smaller animals to end up in your chimney.

Chimney Sweep Clean Where the service, is as great as the finish! Our services move from basic inspection and cleaning to humanely removing pesky animals and full-on maintenance. Whatever your chimney needs, we can make sure your fireplace is burning clear! Rest easy knowing all our.

As the weather warms up and your chimney does not get as much use, it becomes an inviting time for small birds and other pesky critters to build nests and make their homes in your chimney! Without. the risk of smoke and soot to drive them away, small animals often take up residence inside your chimney!

If you have a chimney in your home, make sure you check out this article to see what animals may find their way in.

How to Remove a Wild Animal in the Chimney. With these small steps you can have your romantic evening back again, and keep those pesky greenville animals out. We know they simply want to ruin your romantic evening, and with these steps you can keep them from doing so..

How to Get Animals Out of Your Chimney. In the event of an animal such as a bat invading your chimney, a licensed animal removal expert should be called to tackle the problem.. This is usually prompted when there is a problem such as noisy birds, pesky squirrels or even bats in a chimney.