When Bed Bugs Infest Dorms

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Frequently asked questions about bed bugs.. bed bug infestations usually occur around or near the areas where people sleep. These areas include apartments, shelters, rooming houses, hotels, cruise ships, buses, trains, and dorm rooms. They hide during the day in places such as seams of.

Student’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Avoid Bed Bugs at College. There couldn’t be a better living environment for a bed bug infestation than a college dormitory. College housing with high numbers of students packed into small living quarters, all coming from different parts around the world.

The recent spike in bed bugs infestation may be due to an increase in human. apartments, dorms, motels, hotels, and just about any type of group housing and .

6 thoughts on " Bed Bugs: Are They in Your Dorm Room? Chelsea Jaye Silbiger September 8, 2014 at 10:56 pm. While I am frightened by the fact that "99.6% of pest control. came across bed bugs in the homes and residences of individuals calling to report infestation", I was happy to read about "bed bug mattress encasements".

A number of students have temporarily moved out of the Trinity College dorms after discovering rooms were infested with bed bugs, a Toronto.

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In fact, 54 percent of pest professionals surveyed had treated bed bug infestations in college dorms in 2011. The more clutter, the worse the risk of bed bugs. Dorm rooms are pretty small. Apartments can be packed with clutter, too though, especially if you have roommates or multiple units within your apartment building.

Look at mattress seams for signs of bed bug activity: droppings, eggs, bloodstains or even bedbugs themselves. Never leave clothing laying on the bed, or any location of possible infestation. Use hangers or hooks capable of keeping all cloth distant from the floor or bed. Keep any suitcases or travel bags closed.

A brewing controversy over the management of a series of bedbug infestations in a medical student dorm has forced the Yale School of Medicine to relocate dozens of visitors scheduled to arrive on campus this Thursday for an admitted-students event.

Failure to detect an infestation early can make the bed bug problem worse over time. Recognizing the signs of bed bugs and notifying housing staff immediately can reduce the risk of a severe infestation.