What Should I Know About Termite Behavior?

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 · 4 Things you should know about Termite Infestations! Termites only need 1/64th of an inch crack in the foundation to gain access to the home. That crack might be from settlement, or it may be an expansion joint that runs the entire perimeter of the structure.

If the home has been treated for termites, the seller should also be able to provide documentation of past termite treatment and any structural repairs that have been made (or may be needed) to fix termite damage. If there’s current termite activity on the property, it still might not be a deal breaker.

 · If the damage is repaired in a few days, you know the termites are still active. Termite tubes can extend up to 60 feet or more, and they’re most likely to be found on buildings that are at least two stories high. 2. Termite Holes (A.K.A. Exit Holes) As termites tunnel through wood, they sometimes open up a tiny hole to the outside world.

The Evolution of Pest Control Evolution of pest control.. The world of pest control has been in existence as long as humans have realized that controlling these tiny creatures is a possibility with the help of chemistry and science.

What You Should Know About Termites, But Were Afraid To Ask. Termites. The word alone can send chills up the spines of Florida homeowners. What’s scary is just how much homeowners don’t know about termites but are [.] Do you like it? 0. read more. This template supports the sidebar’s widgets.

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Termites Digest Wood Thanks To Microbes | I Contain Multitudes What You Should Know About Pest Control Services & Your Pets February 28, 2019 If you need pest control for a bug or rodent problem, it’s important to consider your pets. Small animals can be at risk during the extermination process, so you’ll want to take steps to protect them.

If you are facing a termite infestation, you should know that dealing with it may be extremely challenging unless you hire a good termite control company.. Termite characteristics – appearance and behavior. Since worker termites show insignificant physical differences between species,

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Termite description. Learn termite characteristics including appearance, behavior , etc. Orkin can help you get rid of termites. Schedule inspection today.