What Is The Life-Cycle Of Termite?

Life Cycle of a Termite 1. mating. termites have an interesting reproducing cycle, compared to other pests. Many times in the insect world, there is one queen who lays all the eggs. Not termites! There are specific termites whose job it is to reproduce to help the colony grow quickly.

Termites follow a unique life cycle that results in their development into one of a few different types of termite castes. The basic rundown of a termite life cycle is as follows: The queen termite lays the eggs she has been producing. Young larvae will hatch.

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Termite life cycles vary widely from species to species, from two years to 50. Termite life cycle. It all begins for a termite when the queen lays the egg. She lays many eggs every day – queen termites of some termite species may produce 20,000 to 30,000 eggs per day. The termite life span begins when it hatches as a nymph, or immature termite.

What are the stages in the life cycle of a termite? Initial stage is where the swarmers mate to create a new colony. shedding includes the transformation of the termites into the king and queen of a colony. The castes is then composed of varying species of termites, including the workers, the soldiers, and the reproductives.

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Termite Swarmers: Life Cycle, Identifying, & Treatment (2019) Of all the pests and insects that can get into homes, termites are considered the most dangerous. These wood-destroying creatures attack millions of property every year, especially in the US.

Termite Life Cycle. Image source: science.howstuffworks.com. The development of a termite is called an incomplete metamorphosis. This is scientifically known as hemimetabolus life cycles. The termite’s life cycle can result in three different types of termite or caste types. The three types consist of reproductive, workers, and soldiers.

A termite begins its life cycle when winged productive males and productive females leave their established colonies and begin their swarming mating flight to procreate.

Life Span of Termites. Termites are one of the most destructive pests you can encounter. Understanding the life cycle of termites will inform you as to why they are so troublesome. Termites are dangerous wood-eating pests, and their infestation is a real threat to wooden foundations.

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