What is a Sand Flea, Exactly?

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Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Me So Much? Jenna June 11, 2017. Thank you so much I have no idea what bit me in North Carolina visiting from California. The swelling is so bad and itching and hot and burning to the skin very tender also I rub garlic oil on it to soothe the pain, so far this has worked.I have been searching online for two days trying to figure out what bit me to see the pictures that you posted and mine looks just like.

Sand fleas, also known as sand crabs, are one of the most dangerous types of fleas found in the northern Pacific coastal regions. They are endemic to the Caribbean, but are occasionally found in the United States. Unlike dog and cat fleas, san fleas are not actually insects. San fleas are sand colored crustaceans that live in sandy areas and.

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The aftermath is a swollen itch with a black spot at the center. This second type of sand flea bite is much more irritating and more prone to infection. In most cases, bites from these crustaceans occur throughout the lower part of the body. This is simply because sand fleas are only capable of jumping up to 40 centimeters from the ground.