Western Exterminator Hits the Silver Screen in Big Ass Spider

Release Date: None yet, and with casting and pre-production still underway, there’s a chance it may end up a 2016 title, but expect it to be a big awards player whenever it hits. Synopsis: A suicidal.

BIG ASS SPIDER opens w/ the titular arachnid destroying Los Angeles. Flashback to 12 hours prior, and the story begins. Exterminator (aka: Pest Eradication Specialist), Alex Mathis (Greg Grunberg) winds up at the hospital, after being bitten by a Brown Recluse spider.

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Western Exterminator Hits The Silver Screen Written by Sean Heffernan. Western Exterminator is at the center of a new Hollywood creature feature, Big Ass Spider. The movie chronicles a pest control technician facing off against a giant spider set on destroying Los Angeles.

Big Ass Spider is a film that revels in its B-movie status, creating a near apocalypse from the invasion of a giant alien spider. It is a low-budget production, but genre fans should still adore.

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The Haunting in Connecticut As recent as 2013, a full six months after the release of this week’s presentation, we had Big Ass Spider! (2013) in which a large alien arachnid breaks free from a laboratory and wreaks havoc upon Los Angeles, while several scientists and an exterminator are called in to finish it off.

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Opening in theaters nationwide in October, Big Ass Spider, is "a TREMORS-style creature feature about a towering mutant arachnid rampaging across Los Angeles" and the main character is a Western Exterminator technician.

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