West Nile Virus: What you should know

West Nile Virus: What You Must Know For Your Bird’s Sake. West Nile Virus is in a group of viruses called flaviviruses. Scientists believe that the virus has been in the eastern U.S. since the early summer of 1999, or perhaps longer.

West Nile virus detected in Northwest Vermont mosquitoes: What you should know. Mosquito pools in Chittenden County, including Colchester, Burlington and Milton, tested positive for West Nile virus.

July 28–More than 50 cases of West Nile Virus have been reported in Adams and York counties this summer, prompting officials to try to decrease the area’s mosquito population.

West Nile Virus: What You Should Know The West nile virus (wnv), commonly found in Africa, West Asia, and the Middle East, has emerged in recent years in North America. Since 1999 it has been reported in all states, but Hawaii, Alaska, and Oregon. WNV is established as a seasonal epidemic that ares up in the summer and continues into the fall.

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West Nile virus is spread by infected mosquitoes. Not every mosquito carries West Nile virus, and not every person bitten by a mosquito will be infected with West Nile virus. But if you live in an area where the virus is active, you should protect yourself and your family. In Canada the virus peaks.

Here’s what you should know about the disease and how to stay protected. (MORE: Everything Is Bigger in Texas, Including the West Nile Virus Outbreak) 1. What is West Nile virus? West Nile virus is a disease that infects birds and is then spread by mosquitoes to humans. People can also become infected through blood transfusions and organ.

You’re likely to get better quickly and make a full recovery from a West Nile virus infection. But immediate and consistent treatment is the best way to make sure that your symptoms remain mild.

The best protection against West Nile virus is to avoid mosquito bites. There is no treatment or vaccine to prevent the disease. There is no treatment or vaccine to prevent the disease. If you live in an area where the virus is active, protect your children whenever they are outside.

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