Tree Killing Pests

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 · Roots stretch far and wide to give our trees a stable foundation. But what happens if they grow a little further than we’d like? One of our readers, Paul, recently asked, “How can I get rid of the roots from my tree that have grown into my front yard and are killing the grass?”

The vast majority of insect damage to trees is caused by 22 common insect pests. These insects cause enormous economic damage by destroying landscape trees that must be removed and replaced, and by destroying trees that are essential to the north american lumber industry.

What Do Bees Look Like? Bee Identification Tips Carpenter bee prevention tips. To prevent carpenter bee activity on your property, our Albany pest control professionals recommend treating or painting wood on decks, porches, and sheds. Carpenter bees do not like to create tunnels in treated wood so this is the best way to try and discourage carpenter bees from choosing your property.

Healthier trees are less likely to become infested, so maintaining the strength and vitality of your tree is an important prevention step. Once chewing insects are present, controlling movement up and down the stem with physical barriers can interrupt the lifecycles of many caterpillars. Insecticides can be used to kill the insects.

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Our native trees and forests are being threatened by invasive insects and. in the United States in 2002 emerald ash borer has killed millions of ash trees.

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Tree-killing pest found in Danbury.. DANBURY – Four years after it was discovered in Connecticut, an invasive insect that is killing ash trees across the country has been found in Danbury.

Insects and diseases often get the blame for killing trees, but factors like drought or construction damage are most likely the primary cause of a tree’s death. These primary factors weaken a tree’s defenses, making it more susceptible to attack by secondary invaders like insect borers and wood-decaying fungi.

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This most recent discovery involved a private property site in rural Massena. Since the first Iowa detection in 2010, the invasive, tree-killing pest has spread to 66.