Top 5 East Coast cities for ticks and Lyme Disease

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The C.D.C. says infections like Lyme disease, dengue and Zika that are spread by ticks and mosquitoes are soaring. which has been called “the Oscars of the East Coast” for its over-the-top red.

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While ticks can crawl slowly, their main mode of transport is hitchhiking, Lewis said. Ticks will gladly take a lift from deer, dogs, and people. But their primary host is the white-footed mouse, which is common in the New England forests, towns, yards, and cities, and is the primary transmitter of Lyme disease.

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It appears Lyme disease is here to stay. From deer to ticks to humans, it’s being transferred. However, there are areas of the country safer than others.. 10 States with the Most Lyme Disease. By Sponaugle Wellness Institute. it’s actually Maine that takes the top seat.

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Lymes Disease Symptoms – Top 7 Signs of Lyme Disease in Humans for Infectious Tick Problem. think of Lyme as an east coast disorder, it’s far observed in some unspecified time in the future.

10 Top Cities With Tick Problems.. The data, however, based on over 30,000 Lyme disease cases every year (some research suggests up to 300,000), is useful for knowing which areas have had an increase in tick population. In some places,

Why Do Bee and Wasp Stings Hurt? Wolf Spider on Plant wolf spider (family: lycosidae) wolf spiders or lycosids are fairly common predators that feed on large insects and other spiders. They are not known to be aggressive, but they will bite in self-defense if handled roughly.Bee strings are never fun, but for most people they’re just a temporary jolt of pain, swelling, and redness. Unless you’re allergic to bees, most bee stings can be treated with home remedies.

How Thermacell Tick Control Tubes Work with Tick Expert Tom Mather A new federal tick census was released, stating that over half the counties in the United States are now home to the tick that spreads Lyme disease.. Ticks are Taking Over the East Coast.

Wolf Spiders: Info on Removal, Bites, & Extermination A wolf spider bite is usually nothing more than a small, itchy welt. Benefits of Professional Wolf Spider Pest Control. A pest management professional has the education, equipment and skills necessary to effectively address a wolf spider problem. Finding and treating the wolf spiders can be challenging, especially if they are spread throughout.

You may think you’re safe from Lyme disease, but data suggests this tick-borne condition. to learn the best ways to avoid ticks.. lyme disease has heavily affected the East Coast.