There Is A Rat In My Loft!

General Rat Questions. Q. Why did the rats pick my house? A. People have this idea that rats are attracted to poor sanitation and garbage, but having rats doesn’t necessarily mean your house is dirty. Anywhere there is food, water and shelter, rats will move in. This means pet food, bird feeder spills, and even pet waste can attract rats.

Dead Rat Removal Inside a House I am, quite possibly, the world’s best dead rat removal person.. the smell might be worse in one area of the house, or even one room in particular, but where is that dead rat? aha, this is where my expertise comes in. I can tell, at first whiff, the species of.

Went up into the loft today and discovered rat droppings and stinky rat pee in the insulation. God it reeked.. Rats in the loft!. This infestation has prompted a scouring of mumsnet for tips and my god there are some rodent horror stories out there!

There are two main reasons why rats come into your property:. Lofts & attic spaces – One of rats favourite place. Check your loft insulation for chewed items or rat dropping. Those old cardboard boxes are perfectly suitable for a rat toilet;

Signs of Rats to check for if you think you have a rat infestation. Rat Droppings – up to 40 a night in a concentrated area.. cabling or items stored in the loft . Rat Holes. Drains – check if drain covers are damaged or if there are holes dug next to the drain covers.

What Rats and Mice Really Want

How Drain Rats Get In Your Home – Rat Control : The following information and the pages in the menu to the left are a guide to how rats enter your house, walls, loft and sub-floors, the techniques used to identify where drain rats are getting into your home and proven rat control solutions to prevent them from entering in the future.

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Rats in the loft! Discussion in ‘Building. I’m struggling to suggest a permanent solution to my mother-in-law who has a rat-in-the-loft problem and could do with some help.. When replacing the insulation a few months ago I found two or three old dead rats up there that had nested under the.

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