The Weird World of Pest Invasions

The Tobacco Hornworm: Expert Communicators The tobacco hornworm, or Manduca sexta for those who still prefer latin, is the larval stage of the carolina sphinx moths. Few people notice the adult M. sexta as it is an innocuous brown moth, but all tomato gardeners are familiar with the destructive tobacco hornworm.Which Pesky Animal is in Your Chimney? How to Get Animals Out of Your Chimney. In the event of an animal such as a bat invading your chimney, a licensed animal removal expert should be called to tackle the problem.. This is usually prompted when there is a problem such as noisy birds, pesky squirrels or even bats in a chimney.

| Pest Report, Weird and Wonderful World of Pests It’s that time of year again when our backyard cookouts, pool time, and other summer fun are all threatened by stinging pests. So we’re here to help you get a good idea of how to keep yourself safe, especially in case of a major invasion.

by Eco Care | Nov 11, 2018 | Pest Report, Weird and Wonderful World of Pests. Lanternflies, an invasive Asian insect that looks similar to a moth and feasts on more than 70 types of plants and crops, were recently spotted in Maryland. How To Avoid A Raccoon Invasion, And What To Do If You Have One