The German Cockroach

The German cockroach (Blattella germanica) is a small species of cockroach, typically about 1.1 to 1.6 cm (0.43 to 0.63 in) long. In colour it varies from tan to almost black, and it has two dark, roughly parallel, streaks on the pronotum running anteroposteriorly from behind the head to the base of the wings.

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German Cockroach identification and control for customers in Seattle, Bellevue and the greater Puget Sound area.

The German cockroach is the cockroach of nightmares. They are the most destructive to your home and the hardest to eliminate. They multiply faster and in greater numbers than the other types of roaches.A single survivor reduces all efforts made to exterminate them useless.

German Cockroaches are the most common roaches in the United States and worldwide. They live and breed in homes and commercial establishments. They are a persistent problem in apartment buildings. What they look like German Cockroaches are small roaches; adults are approximately 1/2 inch long.

The German cockroach has the shortest life cycle of house-infesting roaches ( from egg to egg in three to six weeks). Egg capsules remain attached to the female.

How To Control German Cockroaches. If you have waken up in the middle of the night to head to the kitchen, when you turn on the lights you may be startled to see an infestation of roaches scurrying on the tile or the counter.

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Don't let german cockroaches crash the party this fall. Anderson Pest Solutions has the lowdown on curtailing this Illinois indoor pest.

Home Roach Invasion! German Cockroach can reproduce rapidly without proper control. Call the experts at Preventive Pest to stop the infestation in its tracks.

German roaches are one of the most common pest nuisances in residential structures, especially common in multi-unit apartment homes. They thrive in filth but even the cleanest homes can be at risk. They thrive in filth but even the cleanest homes can be at risk.

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Of the approximately 50 cockroach species that inhabit the U.S., the German cockroach, and the American cockroach are two of the most common species that infest homes, restaurants, hotels and other establishments. There are, in fact, few places in the U.S. where these species are not found.