The Danger Of Improper Termite Pretreatment When Building A Home

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One of the best ways to prevent termite infestations is to use a reliable pre construction termite treatment of the lumber used in your home. Many people constructing a new house or building (contractors or architects) don’t pay enough attention to this crucial aspect of building a new structure which could save the eventual home owner or.

show all hide all. Introduction. Now there is a solution to protecting your structures from termites that can earn you points in green building programs such as LEED for Homes, NGBS Green Poduct Certification Program TM, EarthCraft and many others. Instead of poisoning the soil under a home, Bora-Care eliminates the wood as a food source while saving you one full day of cycle time.

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What is a Termite Mud Tube? A Tube for Every Purpose. Termites even have specialized mud tubes for different purposes: exploratory tubes, working tubes, drop tubes, free-standing tubes, and swarming tubes (see What Do Termite Tubes Look Like?). Drop tubes are suspended from an upper wood support towards the ground, but are not attached at any other point.The Facts About What Spiders Eat in this video we will tell you about the secrete life of spider and the diet of small spider that how much they eat in their life during their stay at this universe. watch this video and share.The Home Of The Bark Scorpion When in doubt, always seek medical attention. Better safe than sorry when it comes to bark scorpion stings. How to Minimize the Risk of Being Stung by a Bark Scorpion. Bark scorpion stings are on the rise, according to the Poison and Drug Information Center at Banner-University Medical Center Phoenix.What Attracts Centipedes? Have you ever been bitten by a centipede? It’s a painful experience you don’t easily forget. So is there something you can do to avoid centipedes? Well, maybe. Our Well-Being Hawaii blogger investigates this feared arthropod.

There are two major things that must be kept in mind when your goal is the elimination of termites. The use of any kind of termite control products such as termite spray must be preceded by a thorough evaluation of the infestation, including how much damage has been done so far and how large the nest inside the house has grown.

5 Things You Could Be Doing That Attract Termites. What attracts termites? Does mulch? Do pine cones? It’s hard to prevent a home termite infestation if you don’t know what draws them to your property. Oftentimes, homeowners make a concerted effort to complete seasonal projects around the home to prevent pests from coming inside.

Pretreatment avoids pest headaches and lets you enjoy your home in peace. Preventive termite treatment is also one of the best returns on investment when building a home. Think about it – it’s a lot harder to reach all the corners and crannies termites like in a finished home.